Security Failure and the OPM Breach

China is currently in the news again, and not just as it relates to Donald Trump’s apartment sale figures.  The massive hack of the Office of Personnel Management, which exposed files containing sensitive information on millions of federal employees, veterans, retirees, etc., has obviously been highly publicized by this point.  From the standard stuff like… Read More

Easier Crime For Hackers

How many movies and TV shows have there been about bank robberies and other such heists?  Probably  hundreds, I would guess, over the decades.  Plenty even within the last few years.  It’s well-trodden narrative ground.  In light of recent trends and new paradigms, however, any future screen bank robber is going to look pretty silly… Read More

For all our tax dollars, our data should be better protected

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has had a positive experience with the IRS, or really anything remotely resembling praise for them at all.  Well, let’s see how much lower their opinion can get.  With the agency’s announcement last week that it had suffered a data breach that had compromised the personal tax… Read More

Analytics to drive next generation of antivirus?

Big data and analytics.  They’re not just things for Charles Barkley and Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey to snipe about at each other.  A little ways up the I-45, they’re also hot topics at the SAS Global Forum Conference this week in Dallas, TX, which seeks to discuss them in the context of current… Read More

Value and Security in the Internet of Things

In between producing one after another commercial extolling the value of the Internet of Things, Cisco has generated a report focusing on a value of a more monetary kind.  Their Trend Report, jointly released with DHL, estimates the IoT to generate $8 trillion in Value at Stake over the next decade.  For the supply chain… Read More

Health Care Breaches Expected to Rise in 2015

I’m reporting a lot on the Anthem breach lately (isn’t everyone?), but it’s for good reason, as it’s just the latest flare-up that apparently has experts already diagnosing 2015 as the year in which we will see a huge spike in data breaches of health care organizations (last year the spotlight being on retailers).  Whether… Read More

Tales from the Unencrypted

That was a positive, triumphant moment, an event meant to make the audience cheer. In our real world, however, it can often be quite the opposite, in these situations. Such is just one topic Erika Morphy addresses in her “More tales of security fails,” speaking of stories of cybersecurity risks in light of the Kreditech data breach. … Read More

Which is more important, compliance or security?

Which is more important, compliance or security?  Which comes first, or should come first, in a company’s considerations?  Security would seem to be the obvious, as well as the predominant answer.  It’s what you use to encrypt and protect your data, after all.  It’s as straightforward as that, and should be a major, if not… Read More