Data protection to be thankful for

As we wrap up our Thanksgiving celebrations, T-Mobile should consider giving its own small bit of thanks.  Or at least count itself relatively lucky.  Two big breaches in two years, and its customers’ financial data was not compromised in either. In August 2018, the first of the pair exposed about 2 million customer records to… Read More

A new method for cybersecurity education?

As we always say, a crucial aspect of good cyber practice in the workplace is education.  Employees can either be a strength or a vulnerability to an organization’s network, depending on the knowledge and training they receive.  So why not make them as strong a defense as possible? John Sileo at Security Magazine puts forward… Read More

Preparing for the New Year in Cybersecurity

A new FireEye survey is out this month, and it’s interesting, so I wanted to look in to it, and compare it to the Avertium study we covered last time.  One part that stuck out is that this study is even more optimistic about increasing cybersecurity spending.  The latter figure was from approximately half of… Read More

How confident are you in your cybersecurity readiness?

According to more than half (52%) of the respondents to an Avertium survey, their organization plans to expand their cybersecurity teams in 2020—including both employees and outside consultants. Another result from the study is interesting in that they reveal how human error remains as concerning an issue as it always has been.  Specifically, phishing and… Read More

Dangerous stalkerware creeps into people’s lives and homes

Here’s a story fit for the season, although it’s definitely not fun and games.  There are all kinds of dangerous and harmful apps out there, just waiting to infect your phone or computer with malicious malware.  Apple and Google have recently needed to remove several dozen compromised apps from their mobile stores, apps that use… Read More

CaCPA to give consumers more control over their data

As long as there has been a lack of a singular national standard in the US for data privacy law, states have been individually filling the void with their own legislation.  California has been one of the leading states on cybersecurity policy, and their recent California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA), effective as of next January,… Read More

Evolving phishing schemes pose new risks to cybersecurity

Email is perhaps the single most crucial attack vector in cybersecurity today.  According to Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigations Report, email is the channel used in 94% of attacks where hackers target executives for phishing schemes.  Phishing remains as culpable as ever in data breaches, and based on new insight from Carbon Black and Symantec,… Read More

DoorDash, Zynga, and EA Data Breaches

I hesitate to say this, because I know how influential we are and that their future IPO may take a hit, but I…don’t use DoorDash. *whisper whisper* What’s that?  ……McDonald’s partnership? Oh, ok then, they’ll be just fine. But for those who do use the food delivery service, there is now unfortunately another thing for… Read More

Best Practices for Data Security

Cybersecurity is a more important field today than ever before.  Let’s just get that established right away.  Threats to personal data abound from without and within: hackers who target and infiltrate networks, insiders and employees who, intentionally or not, compromise their organization’s security posture.  It is imperative that plans be made and reviewed in advance. … Read More

New Ransomware, New Attitudes

Characters in fiction usually have a dark foil as an antagonist.  Superman and Bizarro, Frodo and Gollum, Jerry and Newman.  But what about encryption?  For as heroic as it is and the good it does, what happens when we come up against the dark side of encryption? Yeah, ok, that sounds cheesy.  It is, however,… Read More