Cybersecurity Concerns for IoT and Healthcare

It honestly feels like most of the articles you find about data security, especially where pertaining to the Internet of Things (IoT), could easily begin with that famous Spider-Man quote about great power and responsibility.  Because the IoT is capable of so many functions spread across vast global networks, it’s an apt adage.  Always crucial… Read More

Ransomware attacks against sports and education

As the sports world gears back up again, it finds itself a target of ransomware, same as any other sector.  ArbiterSports, which provides software to the NCAA and various other leagues and schools for referee management, announced a security incident involving ransomware this past July.  The web applications that were affected here are responsible for… Read More

Genetic Data Protection and More Healthcare Breaches

More data breaches and privacy laws to hinder them are in the news this week.  California continues to be proactive in this arena, as the Genetic Information Privacy Act (GIPA) is soon set to join CCPA in giving people more control over their data.  In this case, the subject is biometric data: its collection, sale,… Read More

Back to School Cybersecurity Risks

As schools begin to reopen, many are adopting a hybrid format that blends online with traditional, in-person learning (that’s a weird thing to have to say).  For those students engaging in the former, cyber risks will be more of an issue than they’ve ever had to deal with before.  To that end, the FBI’s Portland… Read More

Legacy Workstations Security – What to do when you’re no longer supported

Operating on an old laptop? Have a bunch of old desktops in the office? In light of Microsoft ceasing support of Windows 7 last January, new security concerns revolve around protecting outdated desktops and laptops.  This is pertinent whether people are still working remotely, if they’ve already begun returning to the office, or a combination… Read More

Exposed database affects millions of social media users

Everyone knows at this point, social media platforms draw cyber criminals like bears to honey…except these bears also have stingers.  Mixed metaphors aside, it’s not surprising when a database with 235 million profiles gets exposed online.  Containing accounts from Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube among others (many of which have had previous cybersecurity issues, to say… Read More

What will be the next big infosec issue?

Major cycles in cybersecurity come and go.  Several years ago, we were covering nonstop stories about things like the payment card industry (PCI), thanks to mega breaches like Target and Home Depot.  Payment terminal security was also a dominant trend…back when people still went into retail stores.  These concerns naturally still exist, but these days… Read More

School Cybersecurity and Ransomware Attacks

As schools gradually begin to reopen, among all the other safety concerns pressing on districts, one risk that hasn’t subsided is the security of personal data.  Even in this interim, data breaches have continued in education.  Most recently we hear of ProctorU, an online exam platform, enduring a breach as part of 18 firms with… Read More

Big data, ethics, and their challenges

Here’s a pretty mind-blowing stat: by 2025, according to IDC, the worldwide collection of data will grow 61% to a total of 175 zettabytes.  One of the issues that arises from this massive upward trend, already underway, is the growing relevance of ethical handling of the data.  Approximately 55% of executives surveyed by NewVantage Partners… Read More

Examining the Twitter hack and cybersecurity failure

By now you’ve probably heard all about the Twitter hack from last week, when cyber criminals gained access to 130 Twitter accounts, including prominent names like Barack Obama and Bill Gates, and used them to run a Bitcoin scam.   Social engineering is the given explanation in this case.  Several employees with administrative access to internal… Read More